About NebuCart
Nebulus Designs created NebuCart which arrived on the e-commerce scene in 1999, it has since gone through much development to make it a powerhouse in the world of online shopping carts.

It is designed to be small, fast, powerful, yet easy to install for even the most novice web designer. Within minutes of installing the cart, you can be selling your products online. We take great pride in having created a shopping cart script that is being used to sell products of all kinds all over the world.

Nebulus Designs is a small web design studio based in the midwestern US with years of development experience. You can rest assured that we can offer you the best support possible after the sale and will do everything possible to help you install and manage your e-commerce solution.

In October 2005, NebuCart was handed over to an enthusiastic user who has made it his online presence since 2001. Having gained the required skills to successfully integrate many enhancements, this new owner, Gary Fooks is now taking NebuCart to the next level by incorporating his knowledge and expertise to make NebuCart even more powerful and functional than before. The same unparalleled help and support will continue to be offered for both new and old customers alike.

No doubt NebuCart will continue to be redesigned and enhanced to offer the very best client-side shopping experience for programmers and customers alike. Keep an eye on NebuCart as it continues to grow in both features and usage world-wide.

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