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Welcome to the NebuCart 2.5 Demo!
People are using the internet more frequently for their purchases instead of buying at conventional brick and mortar storefronts. Without an online presence, you're missing out on sales. The question is not whether you need to sell online, but how can you get selling online as quickly and easily as possible?

Enter NebuCart! NebuCart is a feature rich, yet simple to use E-Commerce package designed to help you maximaize your online sales capability. By leveraging the most common web technologies, NebuCart allows you to offer your products to all your customers while providing a convenient and easy way to shop online.

Don't let the simplicity fool you. NebuCart is arguably the most robust and configurable commerce package on the market today. You can offer any number of shipping options, and your customers can have up to five different methods of checking out - including printable order forms. NebuCart also supports posting to some of the most popular credit card processors, including


If you've ever used even the simplest HTML editor, then you can install NebuCart on your site. By editing one simple configuration file, you can tailor Nebucart to work with your business logic.

Using The Demo
This is a fictional online store, "GeoStore" that offers cones, spheres, and the ever rare geodes. To use the demo, simply shop for items and add them to your cart. When you decide it's time to check out, feel free to use all the checkout options to see how the cart works. If you submit any orders, you will not be  making a real order, instead you will be testing the live features of NebuCart and will receive confirmation emails showing you how it works.


  • This is a fictional store, so orders are submitted to a page that simply displays the results of the post or emails you for informational purposes.
  • This is a demo, so the secure ordering feature is disabled, and billing/shipping information is set to default values.
  • Any personal information you use in this demo will not be kept, sold, or distributed in any way, shape or form.

Thank You!
We would like to thank you for trying our demo version of NebuCart. If you find that NebuCart is a good fit for your business needs, then join the ever growing community of online merchants who are selling with NebuCart today!

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