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Cart View Page
The Cart View page, as with any e-commerce package, is critical to the NebuCart system. This page allows the customer to view a detailed listing of purchased items, quantities, and a running total of the current session. Below is the code for a basic cart view page:

<!-- include the NebuCart Settings -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_settings.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Engine -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NebuCart.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Formatting Functions-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_formatting.js">

<!-- include the Cart View script -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_viewcart.js">

The resulting page would display a formatted table depicting the customer's current cart contents. This page is displayed any time a customer adds an item to their cart from any catalog page, or if a link to the page is clicked. If the supressCart variable is set to "true" in the NC_settings file (registered version only), the cart will not display when
an item is added, but a pop up alerting the customer to the addition of the item will be shown.

If the cart view script is on the cart page designated in the NC_settings.js file, the customer will have the option to update and delete items, and will also be presented with buttons for continued shopping, checkout, or full cart delete.

If the cart script is not on the designated cart page, it will only display a static listing of the cart contents with shipping, tax (if applicable), subtotal, and grand total.

If the cart is empty in either case, the customer will see "Your Cart is Empty" with a "back" button.

The only requirement to displaying the cart view is that it be outside any form tags.