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Basic HTML Setup
The easiest way to learn how to create catalog items is to jump right in. Shall we? Let's assume that you're setting up a storefront for your clothing company. We'll wak through the process of creating the tags needed for selling a shirt with a product ID of "NC_shirt".

This is the basic code required for creating a page that is enabled as a catalog with a single example item with a product ID of "NC_Shirt:

<!-- include the NebuCart Settings -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_settings.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Engine -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NebuCart.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Formatting Functions-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_formatting.js">

<!-- Always include the NebuCart form tag in catalog pages! -->
<FORM NAME="NC_form">

<!-- here is the basic item -->
Quantity: <input type="text" name="NC_Shirt">
<a href="javascript:AddItem('NC_Shirt')">Add to Cart</a>
<input type="hidden" name="NC_Shirt_price" value="19.95">

<!-- always close your form tags -->

The resulting page would display a text field for quantity and a link to add the item to your cart. As you can see by the field "NC_Shirt_price", the price of the shirt is $19.95. Based on your configuration, the currency notation may be different. Upgrades for configurable decimal delimitor are in progress.

Product Property Field Suffix Field Type Required Value(s)
Price _price hidden yes number > 0
Operation Object Type Link/Method/Code
Add Item to Cart Image/Txt Link <a href=" javascript:AddItem('Product_ID')">object</a>
Add Item to Cart Form Button <input type="button" value="Add" onClick="AddItem('Product_ID')">

Basic HTML Setup
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