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Catalog Page(s)
Catalog pages can be created dynamically by an ASP, PHP, CGI, or some other server based script, or they may be static. There is no limit to the number of catalog pages or items that NebuCart can handle.

Products in NebuCart have six properties, although more can be added with customization: ID, Price, Quantity, Description, Limit, and Options. Shipping Weight may be added at a later date. The only required properties for adding, updating, and deleting
an item from your cart is ID, Price, and Quantity.

If you have an HTML editor and/or a good working knowledge on setting up forms, creating product pages should be failry easy. Of course, the registered version of NebuCart includes a Catalog Builder wizard... The following instructions will walk you through the creation of a product for a ficticous clothing store, with details on how to set up each one of these fields.

For each Product property, there s a summary at the bottom of the page. This summary gives you a listing of what is required in implementing each property:

Product Property
A description of the property
Field Suffix
when creating a product, you will use the product's ID as a base for all the properties. The Field Suffix is the text used to denote the property type for that product. Example: Product Price would be denoted by Product_ID_price where "Product_ID" is the alphanumeric value of that product's ID.

NOTE: each field must use the product ID's base value in the name, and each individual item must use a unique name. Product ID's may not be numeric only, but include at least one alphanumeric character.
Field Type
What type of HTML form field may be used
Denotes whether the field is optional or required for proper cart operation
Allowable values for the Field Type
The HTML/JavaScript for the Field Type
Denotes any extra events or operations that may be used for this property (eg: Add items, update items, etc)
Object Type
The object
The allowable code for performing the listed Operation by the listed Object Type

Basic HTML Setup
Quantity Configuration
Purchase Limit
Product Description
Product Options