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Checkout Page
The checkout process in NebuCart is broken up into two phases. The first phase is the customer information and shipping option collection. From there, the customer may select his or her checkout option (printable form, secure/insecure form, secure/insecure credit gateway) taking them to the second phase of checkout. Typically, the checkout page displays the fields for collecting the customer's name, phone number, email, and other pertinent shipping info, as well as alternate shipping information, and their choice of shipping method.

Below is the basic HTML code for creating the first phase checkout page:

<!-- include the NebuCart Settings -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_settings.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Engine -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NebuCart.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Formatting Functions-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_formatting.js">

<!-- Always include the NebuCart form tag in catalog pages! -->
<FORM NAME="NC_form">

<!-- include the Customer Info script-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_getshipping.js">

<!-- include the Shipping Options script-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_shipoptions.js">

<!-- include the Order Options script-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_orderoptions.js">

<!-- always close your form tags -->

When the customer enters their billing/contact information, it gets stored in a cookie for the duration set by the variable customerTime in the settings file. Note that credit card info is not available or stored on this insecure page.

If you want to suppress the alternate shipping information, set the getAltShipping variable to "false" and it will not be displayed on the checkout page.

The shipping options script uses the shipOptions array from the settings file to generate a radio button list of the available shipping options. This list only gets rendered if the useShipOptions variable is set to "true". Otherwise, it writes nothing.

The order options script will provide the customer with their available checkout options. These are configured in the settings file.

The only requirement to displaying the checkout page is that all scripts be inside the NebuCart form tags.