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Cart Structure
The NebuCart E-commerce System is comprised
of 13 JavaScript "modules" and supporting HTML files. With the includsion of three of the modules in any page, that page will become enabled with the NebuCart system. These modules are NC_settings.js, NebuCart.js, and NC_formatting.js.

Since including these files is all that's required to enable a page with NebuCart, it can very easily be used to enable existing pages with little or no impact. With the inclusion of these files, you will also have access to all the cart variables and functions through either the cart scripts or custom scripts. This makes it very easy to customize your storefront to your needs!

Below is an examples of a very basic HTML page that is NebuCart enabled:

<!-- include the NebuCart Settings -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_settings.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Engine -->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NebuCart.js">

<!-- include the NebuCart Formatting Functions-->
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js_files/NC_formatting.js">

This page is now NebuCart Enabled!

This code setup is necessary for every page that will be NebuCart enabled. After adding the three base files to a page, you may include other NebuCart modules in the page body in almost any configuration or combination.
See the other sections of the documentation for specific page configurations.