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During the course of installation or install, you may encounter various errors in the cart. Depending on the error you encounter, various parts of the cart may not display correctly, or possibly not display at all. Below are the methods you can use to debug your installation in either browser. For both browsers, you should back up the demo cart files just in case you need a fresh file to restore.

Internet Explorer

If you see an alert symbol in the lower left corner of the browser window, double click it to view the error message. This error message should give you an overall description of the error that occurred, and a line number. You can open the files in question and check the lines referenced by the error message.

If you can download the MicroSoft Script Debugger, it is by far the easiest method for debugging your cart installation.

Netscape Navigator
Netscape is the easiest browser to use for debugging. I stronlgy suggest that you download a copy of Netscape just for the purpose of debugging JavaScript.

If you encounter an error in Netscap, you will see a window status notice that there was a JavaScript error. To view the error, type "javascript:" (without quotes) in the location bar and hit the Enter key.
The Netscape JavaScript Debugger Window will then be launched with a complete listing of the error, description, line number, and the JavaScript modules in which the error occurred.

Good Luck!