Frequently Asked Questions
These questions were written by one of our installers after installing and configuring the cart demo.

Q. Do I have to include all the js files even if I am not using some of the options, such as shipping?
A. Yes. NebuCart has been written and condensed into just 13 "modules" (15 for full version) for ease of installation, functionality, and use. That means that a lot of the built in functionality and settings are embedded into the cart, even if you chose not to use particular features, such as shipping.

For instance, if you do decide to not use shipping, you merely edit the shipping variables in the single cart configuration file to disable shipping. If, in the future, you decide to enable shipping, just edit the config file and the cart will immediately be able to handle shipping. That's it. No other changes would need to be made!
Q. Do I ever need to edit any js files other than the settings.js?
A. No. For a standard cart installation, you should not need to edit the JavaScript files that are included with the cart. If you do need customized functionality, it is likely that you or NebuCart developers could write a "plugin" function to add the functionality.
Q. What if I want to change the heading names on the shopping cart table?
A. In this case, you would need to edit a JavaScript file - the NC_viewcart.js file. The cart view is a dynamically generated table, so if you do make changes, we suggest you back up the file first.
Q. Can I set the shopping cart to not display the cart page when I add an item?
A. Yes. there is a variable in the cart called supressCart. When set to true, your customers will not be routed to the cart page after adding each item.

We do have cart add-on modules that keep a tally of your cart contents and running total on a page by page basis, and you can get those in the mods section of this site.
Q. Can I change the colors, font size, font face or look of the cart table?

Yes. There is an entire section in the cart configuration file dedicated to customizing the look and feel of the cart to fit your site. You can set the font face that the cart uses for text generation as well as the colors for the table headings, totals, alternating rows, etc.

For more customization, we have add-on modules that actually allow you to use your own image buttons for the cart. This add-on Image Pack, is available for free in the mods section. We'll also be offering complete site templates that are ready to use and Image Pack enabled.

Q. Does it matter how the items I have for sale are laid out on the page or if I put each item in it own set of tables for the cart to work?
A. Not at all. You can create a catalog layout that fits with the design of your page. The only limitations are that catalog items may not be in DHTML layers. Other than that, you are free to create the catalog you always dreamed of :)
Q. Does NebuCart work in all browsers?
A. Yes! We have rigorously tested NebuCart in Netscape 6, Netscape 6.01, Netscape 4.x, and IE versions 5 and 6. NebuCart has been shown to look and act exactly the same in each test case, so your customers will see the same thing no matter what browser they're using.
Q. Can more than one option be selected by the buyer for any one item? Such as picking large, medium or small in red, white or blue?
A. Yes. The cart allows up to 20 options per product and each of those can even be multiple selects! Option lists can also have cost additive ability. With a cost additive feature, an option can add to the price of the item you've selected. So if a small is 10, you can make a medium 12 and a large 14 just by adding it within that option value and it will be reflected within your cart.
Q. Can I set up secure ordering on my virtual host just by adding https:// to the URL of the form?
A. Not necessarily. You need to check with your web host's documentation and make sure that your account is secure server enabled. If so, then their documentation should have the information you need to access your site securely. If you can, then yes, NebuCart can and will process orders in a secure environment.
Q. I have set up my cart to take credit cards. How do I get my money from these orders?
A. If you plan on accepting credit cards, then you will need a merchant account through which to process the orders you receive. There are many merchant account companies on the internet, and your bank might even offer merchant account accessibility.

Once you have a merchant account and are capturing transactions, you can process the credit card numbers and order amounts through your gateway. If you're capturing transactions via form post or CGI (full version only), then you will have to process the orders manually. Your merchant account should come with documentation on processing transactions this way.

If you have the cart back-ended to a database and script that can access your merchant account gateway in realtime, then the orders are immediately processed and the cards are debited. From there, you are responsible for sending receipts and shipping the orders. There is order update database functionality included in the full version for PayPal IPN, Authorize.net, Protx and Verisign.
Q. Apart from the included installation comments, are there any other guides or information to help me get started setting up my cart?
A. Yes! There is an installation file here and an extensive installation help site here.
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